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So this is somewhat of a follow up from a few older journals, I'll just point to this one tho:

The Will To Improve, How you too can succeed!I think this is the most on-point, useful and important block of text I have ever written (and maybe will ever write, the only thing possibly better would be a rewrite of this years later). And I have written A LOT. So please, enjoy this, and siphon all the information you can out of my text, and the videos I linked, and you will not be disappointed. I am for the first time in 6 years on track with something in my life (ANYTHING) and it happened to be art, but all the information here is how I got here, why from this point onwards I will steadily be improving as an artist (and in other areas of life), and how you can do this too if you're having any problems (like for example drawing every day is something you just can't seem to do virtuously even if that was always the plan). So enjoy this, and make a decision right now to have possibly one of the more valuable reads of your life spending a few hours on absorbing all this (o

But yes, for just over 2 months I've worked every day, until last week, yes something changed. I stopped working every day; in fact stopped working at all.

Some trial and error had to be done to figure out why and here's what I've got.

  1. The day has to start with it. (Every second that passes without doing it makes it harder to start; every action taken without doing it multiplies the difficulty of starting)
  2. It has to happen every day. (Any 1 day spent not doing it makes it substantially harder to do the next day, and in succession it becomes harder and harder every day until you don't do it anymore)
  3. You must have low expectations. (I worked like 30 minutes a day, my expectation was drawing one thing every day. And that can take anywhere from 1-10 minutes, 30 if I try to do it extra well)
  4. A biological need can be used to enforce a habit. (For example I do the dishes before I cook, and I cook before I eat.)
  5. Everything not working towards your goals is a distraction.
There are some issues in there, but here's what changed...
  1. I stopped doing it as soon as I woke up. (I had a morning ritual of eating breakfast and drawing, then I stopped eating breakfast properly on time and the chain was broken!)
  2. Because the chain broke there started to be days where I missed my drawing sessions. And eventually before I knew there was a whole week.
  3. (This is probably a major culprit too) I started to shift my focus over to rendering. As much as I love rendering that may not have been a good move because it's harder than just drawing. It was a higher expectation. I should lower my expectation again, what I should do, and what I have to do are not the same things.
  4. Because my breakfast chain broke it became "ok" to eat unhealthy and I started ordering pizzas again further breaking it and so I stopped cooking therefore stopped doing the dishes.
  5. I started playing before I'd work. Then I'd never work cus I'd never stop playing.

That's my past week. There's a tried and tested solution for all these problems, it's known as keeping a schedule, but as an insomniac with extremely irregular sleep I can't do that. Needless to say though, I want to find another way around these problems. So what are the options I'm aware of?

  • Deadlines
  • Dynamic scheduling (e.g. in X amount of time from now I will do Y)
  • Carrots (Reward after completion of a task)
That's not a lot. These are extremely powerful tools when used right, but do I know how to use them?

Ok... a couple days after writing the above I got a fresh perspective, because there are other things that changed.

I lost my thunder, and here's how.

I've let my focus shift. when I was improving the most with drawing, life was simple, I wasn't thinking about anything else than drawing it was my sole focus and everything else was extra, thanks to that it was easy for me to motivate myself by seeing what level I wanted my artwork to be at in a few years and that way I could always get myself to go all out in drawing once per day. Now I've started worrying about other things and things got hazy, now when I think of how good I want my artwork to be other worries seem to tower over that dream, and now I know that feeling when I was thinking about this vision of how my artwork was supposed to be, there was always something biting at the back of my head that I was ignoring and I had always thought that it was probably some thing that made this dream look illogical, unrealistic or useless. On the bright side it was not. On the worse side it was just all the other problems I have in life.

This means that in my current mental state, if I focus on one exclusive thing entirely I will make it in that thing. But if I try to do more than one thing, even if I physically have the time, I will be unbalanced.

So I started to change how I think about that future artwork, I wanted to have the whole picture, and sure my body is gonna be great and so will my artwork, but what else? Really? And I got stopped there.

No scratch that, I came up with something, but it's kinda weak, I have to clarify it further, however along the way I realised that's one side of the fence I want to be, there's something else that I want to do too... But I guess since I know how to get here and not there, and I like this just as much, then of course I'll roll with this.

I'm not gonna tell the full story though, it's like saying what I'm gonna do, and it usually means you end up not doing it. Anyhow regardless of what exactly I will do, I have made an association between zipfs law and everyday life. The 20/80 ratio (a saying usually twisted into "80% of the work is done by 20% of the employees" or "80% of the work is done in 20% of the time"), I'm gonna start there, this means I'll only have to work for 20% of a day which is roughly 3 hours give or take. I've narrowed the things I want to do down to 4 things so I might peak at 4 hours which is still underneath the 30%. So I've been kinda seemingly focused on working hard all day or you know being productive all day.

I'm gonna try to let that go and aim for an eventual 3-4 hour work week... wait... I've heard that somewhere before. Yeah, Tim Ferris's book, I'm gonna have to read that I've heard good things. But now I've got a crystal clear goal.

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: The Art of War - Sun Tzu
  • Watching: Tales of Zestiria the X
  • Playing: No Man's Sky (It's actually a good game)
  • Eating: From the trash
  • Drinking: Some green thing


Cestarian's Profile Picture

Artist | Digital Art
I'm a newbie digital artist :dummy:

Don't let appearances fool you, when I'm not at a metal concert, I'm calm and composed like a Tibetan monk. That picture just feels so right, since I've rarely had as much fun in my life as when I was at Eistnaflug :nod: in this specific picture I was still wearing my spur-of-the moment Krauser II facepaint :la:

You'll find the filmographer and the video I managed to screenshot this from here:…

I started trying to draw in February 2014 , and sadly it's been a bumpy road, but one worth traversing even if I've been at a snailing kind of pace. I feel that the toughest part is rapidly falling behind me and the fun part is taking the wheel now.

Hopefully I'll be a great artist one day :la:

Also, artist's block? Run out of ideas? Hell will freeze over before I run out of things to draw, and even if I run out of epic original ideas I can always fallback to drawing something randomly gory or sexy instead!

Artist's block cannot exist in my world!

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